Because social media is not just for the youth pastor.

In 2018 and beyond, engaging in digital ministry is a necessity. Those who continue to regard it a luxury or a “nice to have” will be left behind. The two days you spend with us in February 2018 will prepare you to ensure that doesn’t happen to you.



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The topics discussed in this workshop comprise the emerging field of church communications. A number of businesses and Christian PR pros teach many of these topics at a high level, but the need for more training in this ever-important field is increasingly vital for two reasons:

(1) Despite the training and information available, more local churches than not still neither have the skill nor the staffing to execute on these topics at a high level.

(2) While quality church communications training is available, the discipline is very much biblically based, but not covered at all in seminary. Digital ministry skills, as well as the theological framework driving those skills, are important topics to cover for the growing minister and could form the basis for several graduate-level courses. 

This beginner-level workshop will therefore be most beneficial to:

The seminarian...

who is looking to augment his/her theological education with biblically based, practical training on skills that can be used in his/her ministry to further the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The staffer or ministry volunteer...

who could not only increase his/her skills as a church communicator, but could use this information to (a) better lead a volunteer team in this area and (b) secure buy-in from his/her pastor to deploy more resources, staffing, and/or general support.

The pastor or senior leader...

who is not well-versed in church communications concepts or skills and who, recognizing he/she needs one or more persons with this skill set in his/her ministry, can use this specialized teaching to make an informed and qualified hire or highly-skilled volunteer to fill this need.


Two days. Ten hours. All things social media ministry.

During this comprehensive two-day, ten-hour workshop, we will cover the gamut of digital ministry topics, fully equipping you with all the tools you need to more effectively build the kingdom of God through social media.

A History of Communication

Social networks are all communications platforms. A very brief, non-technical history of human communication through the ages will help us to better contextualize social media and appreciate the ministry opportunities it provides us.

A Theology of Community

Examining, through the lens of scripture, the six elements of community and discussing how engagement through social media replicates these elements provides a framework for how we can think theologically about social media. 

Social Media Tools & Platforms

Sure, you’re on Facebook. Maybe even Twitter and Instagram. But do you know how to leverage them for effective ministry? We will discuss the wonderful gospel-spreading opportunities that exist with these channels and others you may know less about.

"Analog" Church Communications

Because digital considerations have analog implications. We will examine how certain social media concepts can impact various in-person aspects of local church ministry, including hospitality, announcements, bulletins, and pastoral care, among others.

Digital Ministry in the Local Church

Using the tools and concepts we’ve learned in our time together, we will spend some time creating the basic building blocks of an overall social media strategy for your local church that includes web, email, and content production, in addition to social.

Identifying Growth Opportunities

Social media and digital ministry are evolving and changing almost daily. Therefore, while we will cover a number of topics, there are far more that require more than two days to cover. We will conclude our time together discussing ministry growth opportunities that are yet emerging. 


Marcus A. Cylar, DMin, Facilitator

Marcus is a 2015 graduate of the Doctor of Ministry program at Ecumenical Theological Seminary. His dissertation was titled, “Building Community Through Social Media to Tackle Pastoral Burnout”. In ministry since 2001, he is an editor and proofreader, author, and church communications consultant.



Ecumenical Theological Seminary - Detroit, MI

The “Can You Hear Me Now?” social media ministry workshop will be held February 9-10, 2018 at the only fully accredited seminary of the Protestant tradition in the city of Detroit.