February 9-10, 2018 – Ecumenical Theological Seminary, Detroit, MI

“Can You Hear Me Now?” – A Social Media Ministry Workshop

Articulating a theology of social media and developing a practice of effective digital communications in the local church

In the world of ministry, where in-person, interpersonal relationships are everything, social media is often seen as a luxury or a “nice to have”, rather than a necessity. Examining, however, the enormous, life-altering changes in the ways we consume and disseminate information, transact business, make purchases, seek entertainment, and communicate with one another over the past decade, it’s become increasingly clear that church leaders who continue to ignore social media and digital ministry do so to their peril.

This two-day workshop will provide not only an informational and tactical overview of the major social platforms of today, but also a close examination of the biblical principles illuminated by social media. Through instruction, guided discussion, multimedia illustrations, and case-study examination and application, workshop participants will be equipped with both a theoretical framework for and a collection of tools of engagement through digital ministry, thereby producing spiritual leaders who are theological savvier thinkers about and practitioners of social media for the local church and beyond.